How many spells does a Cleric know?

I’m designing an Airship module for D&D 5e, and my buddy is playing a homebrew Artificer class. The RAW (Rules as written) allows airships in this early beta to be repaired in towns, or by...

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Civilization V: Vox Populi — Part III of My Doomed Let’s Play

So, I’m fairly well addicted to the Vox Populi mod, and when an update comes out I can very rarely resist the temptation to just grab it.

I lost a game as England a few versions ago, and...

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An Explorer’s Journey through No Man’s Sky: Two Infinite Things

Until today, the realization that I might never know who I was before this journey began had provided me with some comfort. It was liberating, to be honest: I could have been anyone,...

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Let’s Play Civilization V: Vox Populi Part Two: Founding a Religion

In Which Catholicism Becomes Law of the Land, and then Two Other Lands, and I set myself up to look dumb.

The order of events is a bit mussy. I founded my religion before the fall of...

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Screencap from No Man's Sky, depicting the entrance to a cave filled with glowing plant life.

An Explorer’s Journey through No Man’s Sky: Day One

I don’t want to write a review of No Man’s Sky. I don’t want to talk about system requirements, or the (comparatively few) bugs in the PC version I played yesterday, or about the interface (cool), combat systems (…eh), or narrative structure (LOL) of No Man’s Sky. I could do those things, and I could tell you all about my graphics card and how beautiful this game is, or my middle-of-the-road gaming laptop and how there’s a stutter here and there when I run on max settings. But I don’t want to do that, and I can’t imagine you want to read that…again…given that there are right now about a hundred thousand articles about those things on various corners of the internet, all of them probably more accurate and informative than I could hope to be.

Instead, I want to tell you a story.

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RP for Lovers: No, Not Like That!

One of the things that initially attracted me to my partner was his scarily encyclopedic knowledge of D&D. While creating characters for the first campaign we played together, he rattled off from memory a list of feats my rogue could choose from, and that was the beginning of the end of single Lynn. Even better than his astounding ability to min/max a character into ridiculousness, he is really good at RP in a way that is in my experience pretty rare: not only does he play his character with goofy abandon (yes, the alignment of his current character is in fact “Jolly Good”), he does it in a way that facilitates other party members’ RP, carving out spaces in the narrative and moving our individual stories forward, together, in a cohesive way.

And that cohesion is so important, because for best results, you don’t just RP at the same time as your party members; you RP with them.

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Let’s Play Civilization V: Vox Populi

If you’re anything like me, you are vibrating with agitation while waiting for Civilization VI to come out. The release date is a few months out, but if you own Civ V and all of its DLC...

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Making League of Legend’s “Braum” as a D&D 5e Character: A guide for Players and DMs

Braum is a jolly mountain of a man, known for being a fantastic melee support class, for his fun dialogue, and for his sense of casual invulnerability. Even during the most rage-inducing...

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World-Building: Making a Map for your D&D Game

Creating Immersion

Tabletop RPGs are about immersion. Not necessarily the sort of immersion that comes from reading hyper-serious fantasy, like ASOIF or The Eye of the World, but rather,...

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We’re going to move toward launching content over the next month or so, but in the meantime, you can look at the proto-items that we made together that made us think Blimpfort was...

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